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County must name new road
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Names for the new four-lane to Woodbury are being considered. Among them may not be Nashville Highway.
Calling the new four-lane Nashville Highway would require the county to rename the two-lane road and everyone who lives on that road would have a change of address.
“We really need to think this out and do this right,” said Commissioner Gary Prater, chairman of the county’s Highway and Bridge Committee. “If we don’t, we could cause a lot of hardship on a lot of people. I want to leave the old Highway 70 as Nashville Highway. If we don’t, people’s addresses will change. Then, they will have to change their driver’s licenses, voter registration cards, everything. This could make the Highway and Bridge Committee a very unpopular committee.”
During the last committee meeting to discuss the issue, consideration was given to renaming the two-lane road Old Highway 70 or Old Nashville Highway in order to name the new four-lane Nashville Highway. Prater doesn’t want to do that.
 “We don’t want to create a problem where everyone up and down the road has to have their address changed,” said Prater. “I think the old highway should remain Nashville Highway. If any way possible, that’s my opinion. That way, there won’t be any needless changing of address.”
After eliminating a name swap as a possibility, the committee moved onto possible ideas for naming the four lane.
“We have to come up with a name that we all agree to,” said Prater. “That leaves us with a few options, but not many. We could call it Woodbury Highway. We could call it New Nashville Highway or New Woodbury Highway. It’s going to be Highway 70 regardless, but it has to have a name. We need to be agreeing on something pretty quick, because everyone is waiting on us to figure out what to name the road.”
Members are meeting again Feb. 3 at 4 p.m. to continue discussion on what the four-lane’s name will be.
While its official name has not been selected, the highway will be dedicated to honor veterans.