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County decides on insurance company
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Warren County is staying with Safety National Causality Cooperation for its excess insurance needs.The county’s Budget and Finance Committee and Financial Management Committee reviewed two proposals.According to Bob Shupe of Employee Security Planning, an insurance consulting company for the county, up for renewal is the excess policy required by state law on the self-insured fund for workman’s compensation insurance.“To be in compliance with state law, you are required to carry an excess policy that would pay a particular claim or occurrence went over a certain deductible or what they call a retention,” said Shupe. “Currently, and for the last three or four years at least, retention has been at $500,000 per occurrence.”In giving an example, Shupe says about a year ago two of the county’s Highway Department employees were injured when they were traveling Highway 55 and were struck from behind by a tractor trailer.“Because the driver of the tractor trailer was uninsured, the county is having to assume responsibility on the employees’ injuries up to the $500,000,” said Shupe. “As of today, that is right at $455,000.