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County considers bid to repair retaining wall
Police say Jeffery Grissom was driving this Lincoln Town Car when it crashed into a retaining wall on county property.

A retaining wall behind Warren County Administrative Offices recently took a licking from a Lincoln Town Car. 
The county’s Building and Grounds Committee met Tuesday to consider a bid of $350 to repair the wall.
According to Commissioner Carl E. Bouldin, chairman, the mother of the driver called County Executive Herschel Wells and offered to pay the cost.
“The boy’s mother called Herschel the other day and told Herschel they were going to repair this damage,” said Bouldin. “Herschel told her that he had gotten a bid for $350. She said not to worry because they would pay to fix the retaining wall.”
When Commissioner David Rhea asked if the family was given a time frame for payment, Bouldin said he wasn't sure but would get that information.
According to the police department report, the driver of the Lincoln Town Car was Jeffery Grissom. He was traveling north on Chancery Street, left the roadway and struck the retaining wall.
In the police report, Grissom stated he swerved to miss an oncoming vehicle in his lane, but officers found no evidence to support the claim, noting there were no skid marks or any evidence Grissom locked his breaks to avoid hitting the wall.
Officers suspect Grissom was intoxicated. However, his injuries prevented sobriety testing. He was transported to River Park Hospital, where he refused to provide a blood sample. A blood search warrant from the district attorney’s office was acquired to obtain the sample. Citations are pending those test results.
The committee tabled the bid in order to give the family time to pay for the damage.