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Copycats strike at WCMS
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The hoax that led to the evacuation of 1,800 Warren County High School students Wednesday continued sending shockwaves Thursday as two copycat bomb threats led to evacuations at Warren County High School and Warren County Middle School.
“We don’t think they’re credible but we’re not taking chances,” said McMinnville Police Chief Bryan Denton, regarding both of the bomb threats.
The copycat at WCHS came Thursday morning when a student found a bomb threat scrawled on a wall, much like the one the day before.
“Unlike the one that was found Wednesday, this one looks new,” Denton said of the Thursday threat.
The discovery led to an evacuation of the school. However, unlike Wednesday, students remained on campus, held at a distance from the buildings. Tennessee Highway Patrol drug dogs were brought in, just as they had been Wednesday, and conducted a sweep of campus. Students were allowed back inside about two hours later.
However, even as dogs were sweeping the high school, a bomb threat was reported at the middle school on Caldwell Street.
“It was on the track,” Director of School Bobby Cox revealed. “A student was walking on the track and noticed it. It was new. No one had noticed it before.”
The message on the track said the person was “going to blow up the school and everyone in it.”
The discovery prompted the middle school to be evacuated. Students were taken to the practice field on the other side of the creek, away from all the buildings. The Highway Patrol bomb squad then made the five-mile drive from the high school to the middle school to conduct a sweep.
Cox said they plan to prosecute in all cases, no matter if it’s a student, employee or outsider.