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Company says it can save schools $371K
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Trane says it can save the Warren County School System $371,000 a year and if it doesn’t, the company says it will write a check to make up the difference.
The offer, almost too good to be true, raised eyebrows among School Board members who listened to the pitch from Randy Mauldin, who represents Trane.
“My question is, where do they get their money?” School Board chairman Jeff Lee asked. “I don’t think they are doing this out of the goodness of their hearts.”
Mauldin told the School Board his company has already identified $371,000 in annual savings by reducing energy use and other expenses within the school system. The number, he noted, might be even higher if the board will give him the go-ahead to conduct further examinations which will also be free of charge. It’s after the next round of examinations are finished the service would then come with a price.
“If we promise you that you’ll save $350,000 a year, then you can put it down on your line-item budget and do another project with it,” Mauldin told the board. “If it doesn’t produce then we write you a check for the difference.”
Mauldin said Trane has had to write checks before, two of those going to Knox County schools. They have since seen Knox County begin getting the promised savings.
Mauldin urged School Board members to talk to Cumberland County school representatives, whom they are doing business with now.
The idea behind the program is to find ways to cut energy usage, either by upgrades, computerized controls or by changing practices. It would require the school system to upgrade some of its schools to newer equipment. However, Mauldin said Trane would co-sign any loans related to energy upgrades and could get the county favorable interest rates.
The School Board members are planning to accept Mauldin’s offer and speak with other schools who have used Trane’s services. They will decide whether to give Trane the green light for a more extensive examination during their next meeting.