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Comedian delights sell-out crowd
Atlanta-area comedian James Gregory performs Friday night at the Park Theater, telling the sell-out crowd when he orders a bucket of chicken he doesn't want it to go.
It wasn’t until he was a grown man he realized gravy wasn’t a beverage.All he needs to conduct an appropriate funeral is embalming fluid and potato salad.And he has no plans to keep the long-tailed kangaroo rat off the endangered species list because it’s just a rat.He’s comedian James Gregory and he brought his unique brand of Southern humor to the Park Theater on Friday night, performing before a sold-out house. The Atlanta-based comedian travels about 46 weeks a year and was scheduled to do a show in Gallatin on Saturday.Gregory’s routine was filled with down-home stories and unique quips about rural America. Much of his comedy centered around food.“I love KFC, but why is it when you go into KFC and order a 12-piece family bucket of chicken they assume it’s to go?” asked Gregory.