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Collins tells why he withdrew as finalist
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City administrator finalist Dan Collins says he was impressed with McMinnville, but decided to remove his name from consideration because of the divided board.
“I was impressed with the city of McMinnville,” Collins wrote in a letter to Mayor Jimmy Haley explaining his decision. “There are opportunities to make improvements and positive changes throughout the city. Also, it is important to note the city is in a sound financial position and the future is promising.”
Then, came the concerns.
“However, I am concerned that the board is not united in their efforts driving forward with one vision and one purpose. I am also concerned that two of the board members did not participate in the interviews. Additionally, after reading the newspaper article in the Southern Standard this past Friday describing the Tuesday board meeting, it is evident that the board is divided on this matter and in all probability others as well.”
Collins says Mayor Jimmy Haley described his concerns best during the meeting.
“We need seven votes to really hire a city administrator and for them to feel confident that this board is not split,” said Haley. “It won’t be fair to the person to come in as a city administrator with a 4-3 vote or with abstentions. A vote tonight would divide the board and accomplish nothing but show we are not willing to work as a team.”
If the next city election in November brings with it a board willing to work as a team, Collins would be willing to reconsider being the city’s administrator.
“However, following this November’s elections, should the board have a united “Team” approach to moving forward, and you are still in need of an administrator, I would be willing to return and meet with the new board, and revisit the possibility of being your next city administrator,” Collins wrote. “Only if each member of the board is dedicated to the responsibilities of the office which he holds and there is a solid “Team” effort to move forward.”
Collins thanked the board for considering him.
“Thank you for allowing me the privilege of participating in the selection process. I am still impressed with the city, and the possibilities that are there for maintaining and improving the city to its full potential. I sincerely hope that you and the board will move forward with great success,” he said.