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Coffee County officials may side with family in land battle
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While some Warren County officials have voiced a stance to stay neutral when it comes to litigation between West Warren Viola Utility District and its eminent domain attempt with the Jarrell family of Coffee County, their hometown might take a different stance.Coffee County’s full commission will be considering a resolution “in support of the Koss (Jarrell) family and in support of legislation to prevent a utility district from exercising the power of eminent domain in an area or in regard to land which it does not serve” on June 9 during its regular monthly session. According to Roxanne Patton, who is the executive administrative assistant to Coffee County Mayor Gary Cordell, the measure was sent to the full commission for its consideration by Legislative Committee members who accepted the measure unanimously.“The Koss Resolution has not passed,” said Patton. “It will be on the agenda for the meeting next week, which is the 9th.