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Civilian Defense Force seeking new members
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The Civilian Defense Force is accepting applications from individuals who are interested in serving their community by sharing their knowledge with others.
Group member Mike Baus says the organization began in Warren County and is growing.
“I am a member of the Civilian Defense Force, an organization started in Warren County, that is growing by leaps and bounds,” said Baus. “We have members all over the United States and the organization has recently moved into Canada.”
Baus says the organization aims to provide assistance during times of need.
“First of all, we are not a militia,” he said. “We were formed to assist local and government agencies in a time of disaster, whether natural, or man-made. We teach people in our local communities the tools they will need to survive under those less-than-favorable conditions.”
The group is looking for members with special skills in many different areas, including carpenters, electricians and nurses, who would be willing to share their knowledge with other members of the group.
Civilian Defense Force is a non-partisan organization that will accept anyone serious about helping their family, neighbors and community in a time of need. There are no dues, but members are expected to adhere to certain standards of decorum.
The group offers its members training classes on basic medical training (first aid, CPR), food storage, home and self-defense, community watch and defense, firearm safety and wilderness survival training.
“We also plan community dinners and picnics to help get to know each other better,” said Baus. “Remember when everyone knew their neighbors?”
The group currently has 250 members in Tennessee and at least 9,500 in the nation. Each unit meets as desired and focuses on local needs. The leaders meet at central locations for their area and use conference calls, blogs and emails to coordinate nationally.
The group is careful in regard to its members.
“We have to be careful not to grow too quickly, because we want quality, not quantity,” said Baus. “No yahoos or militia. We are mostly Christians, but that is not a requirement for membership.”
Visit for more information about the Civilian Defense Force or to fill out an application.