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City tries to gaze ino future with workshop
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McMinnville officials tried to gaze into the future during a recent planning session.The city conducted a McMinnville 2035 Vision Planning Session that attracted 45 people who offered their opinion on which direction the city should be going.A coordinated effort between Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS) and McMinnville officials, the session offered citizens a chance to voice their opinions on four topics – parks and recreation, tourism, environment, and economic development.Group members were asked their feedback on what will be important 20 years from now and what are items to consider changing.The youngest person at the session was Alyssa Mosley, 8, who attended with her mother. In 20 years, she will be 28.“This is what we are hosting this session for,” said Mayor Jimmy Haley, pointing at Alyssa. “This is her future we are talking about.