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City property owners have options when it comes to paying taxes
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McMinnville property owners will have options in which to pay their property taxes this year, all in one lump sum, or split the payment to ease the financial sting.
City officials have passed a measure that will allow partial payments beginning Oct. 3. Those choosing to divide their property tax payments will be expected to follow the schedule and make payments by the time allowed:
Partial payment schedule:
• One-third by Oct. 31
• One-third by Dec. 31
• Final payment prior to March 1.
This will be the first year the option has been offered to city property owners.
“It helps us even out our revenue,” said McMinnville Mayor Norman Rone in explaining the initial reason for taking payments. “We have a surge of payments in November and then nothing until the due date. If people pay on this schedule, it will even that out.”
Vice Mayor Everett Brock says the option is just that, an option.
“We’ve made it so people can pay a little at a time,” he said. “We used to get a great percentage of our revenue in April and we were already in the budget year. We changed the due date to correspond with the county and added a partial payment option. Residents can pay in one lump sum or make partial payments.”
As officials began to discuss taking partial payments several months ago, a second reason evolved.
“Times are hard,” said Rone. “While some people save up and pay their taxes, others do not. Offering this option gives citizens a break in between payments. I think it is a benefit to the citizens, as well as the city.”
Along with paying by mail or in person, city hall can now take payment by debit or credit card. Payments can be made on the third floor of city hall or by calling 473-1200.