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City officials warned not to break laws
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Tuesday night’s learning curve for new McMinnville officials offered a warning to them to avoid discussions while not in an open meeting and the realization some board members discussed proposed changes to the city administrator’s contract up to three weeks prior to the meeting.When it comes to open meeting act requirements, city attorney Tim Pirtle says the act covers notification to the public and discussions between board members. “Discussions toward deliberations or decisions can only be held in a meeting where adequate public notice has been given,” Pirtle said.Alderman Rick Barnes says he was told by the Tennessee Municipal League that board members could discuss issues as long as they do not make a decision.“I was told by TML that we could discuss anything we wanted and as much as we wanted, we just could not make a decision,” said Barnes.The case log points to that statement not being accurate, says Pirtle. “The case law would not support that interpretation,” he said.