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City looks to pave way to better streets
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McMinnville officials are considering a bid that will pave the streets of North Spring, West Colville and Liberty Lane to the tune of $404,000.
The bid from Highways Inc. is one more step toward the city obtaining street paving funds from the state. Called Surface Transportation Program (STP), the state has approximately $750,000 earmarked for use here and city officials have been attempting to secure it for four years.
Public Works director Bill Brock says approximately $300,000 will be used on traffic lights.
“I need approval for the bid from Highways for $404,820. The rest will go for traffic lights,” said Brock. “The paving part is an 80/20 match. We will pay 20 percent of this paving project. The traffic lights are a full 100 percent from the state.”
STP funds are allocated to the state from the federal government. The state gives it to cities and counties based on population. McMinnville’s funds have been accumulating since 2000 when pav-ing stopped and have been hanging in limbo since 2011 when the city began paving again.
There are guidelines for using STP funds. Those funds can only be used on “collector” streets that have high traffic volume and are not considered a state or federal route.
This is the second time the city has had to accept bids on the streets, with Tinsley submitting the lowest bid during the city’s last effort. Brock says the state gets to approve the low bid and Tinsley’s bid was rejected.
“When Tinsley was rejected, we had to rebid the project," said Brock. "Highway’s bid was approved.”
Streets and Sanitation Committee members Aldermen Jimmy Bonner and Steve Harvey accepted the bid. Ryle Chastain was absent. The measure will be sent to the full board for its consideration.