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City established planning goals
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McMinnville officials have established a list of goals for the city.
Topping the list for 2013 are plans for capital improvements, encouraging tourism, pursuing grants, and establishing a future vision for the city.
Goals for the coming year were generated during an orientation meeting between city officials and the Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS). The session was to give officials insight into municipal government and help them develop goals. The top four goals were:
• Finalizing a capital improvement plan — Itemize and prioritize projects by July 1 and formalize adoption by Nov. 1.
• Implementing city branding/ tourism — Identify scope of work by May 1, send request for proposals by June 1, approve/ engage plan by Sept. 1.
• Organizing a community 2035 visioning plan — Meet with MTAS/ CTAS, County Executive John Pelham, Chamber by April 1, send letter of invitation to participate in community stakeholders by June 1, hold forum on two separate days by Sept. 1, and MTAS prepares report by Oct. 1.
• Pursue grant opportunities — Meet with Upper Cumberland Development District and other resource agencies quarterly to seek grants, apply for at least six grants in 2013, and apply for clean energy grants and public safety grants this year.
A SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) was established to describe general characteristics about the city of McMinnville.
• Strengths – natural beauty, great location, outdoor recreation, good roads, low cost of living, sales tax recovery, good education system, friendly people, good governing board, excess water availability.
• Weaknesses – lack of promotion, no branding, weak urban growth plan, city/ county relations, negative mindsets, community relations on the board, lack of people resources for industrial development.
• Opportunities – a downtown parking deck, tourism development, working with the county, expand tech center, a 2035 visioning program, urban growth plan, capital improvements, Park Theatre renovation.
• Threats – relationship with the county, citizen apathy, lack of work ethic, drugs, lack of local investment, lack of diversified economy, too much reliance on factories, lack of tourism, losing high-paying earners, mistrust.
Also covered were the city’s charter, legislative actions, board and responsibilities, services offered by MTAS, and building better cities initiative.