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City considers upgrading its website
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Revize wants to create a new website for the city of McMinnville. A presentation lasting more than an hour explained to city officials what they have and how it could be better.
The company has over 13 years in government website design/ technology experience, offering municipalities like the city extended government public services to the Internet, and reduced printing and postage costs. Revise claims a new website will help the city attract business revenue, increase tourism and increase interaction with residents and businesses.
Revize has over 750 clients. The business serves more than 205 counties and the Department of Homeland Security.
“The Department of Homeland Security has been with us since 2002,” said Joseph J. Nagrant, who made the presentation. “When people select us, they do it for two reasons. First, we don’t just build a website that’s an online business card with drop-down menus. We build government communication centers. Second, we train them on how to edit the website.”
Revize’s setup cost is $15,900, with an annual fee of $3,500. The price includes training up to 10 city employees.
Currently, the city has one employee who updates its website. Nagrant says he checked on the city’s website and could see improvements need to be made.
“A government website is a different animal, a different way of communication,” he said. “Unless someone has built 10-15 government websites with the right methodology, it’s not going to do you any good.”
Nagrant says Revize would like to offer City Hall online.
“We want to transform your website into a 24-hour online City Hall,” he said. “Your city manager says there are four items that have to be the foundation of this website.”
The foundation must be:
• A centralized document center — Individuals can log onto the website and view/ print needed documents, such as sign permits and zoning regulations.
• An “I want to” option — Routinely asked questions can be included, such as “I want to ... attend the next board meeting.” By clicking on “I want to” and selecting “attend the next board meeting,” the individual can view the days and times of the next meeting.
• A member center — Geared toward the different individuals visiting the site, including city residents, visitors, employees, etc. By clicking on a button, the individual is given information they might be interested in as a resident, visitor or employee.
• Interactive — A way in which the city can communicate with the public and the public with the city, including “report an issue” where an individual can submit a complaint or comment to a department.
Nagrant says Revize can supply all those, as well as social media integration, staff/ business directories, a rotating photo gallery, and online bill paying.
“Revize seems like a good product at a good price,” said Vice Mayor Ben Newman. “People are turning to the Internet for information. Our website, which is the front door to McMinnville for all the people watching Bluegrass Underground around the country and industry looking to move here, needs to be informative, user friendly and shed the best light on our great city. We currently don’t have that. Websites are complex to put together and maintain.”
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