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City budget gives $60,000 to Bluegrass Underground
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McMinnville officials have included funding for Bluegrass Underground and Smokin’ in McMinnville in the proposed budget for fiscal year 2013-14 to the tune of $72,000.
Taking up the bulk of the funds will be Bluegrass Underground.
“There is $60,000 in the budget to cover the cost of Bluegrass Underground,” said city administrator David Rutherford during a Finance Committee meeting. “I’m assuming we are going to continue to do that.”
Bluegrass Underground, the TV series, is filmed in the Volcano Room of Cumberland Caverns. Filming for season three of the series was held March 8-10 with 12 bands performing.
This is the third year officials have included funding to underwrite Bluegrass Underground, with $50,000 the first year and $55,000 the second year.
Organizers have offered the city a contract package deal to lock in the cost at $60,000.
“They said, if we want to continue, the next two years would be $60,000,” said Rutherford. “That would be three years in a row that would be $60,000.”
If officials accept the offer, the city will have spent $285,000 in five years underwriting Bluegrass Underground.
Receiving the remaining $12,000 is the city’s event, Smokin’ in McMinnville. Last year, $16,000 was designated for the BBQ cook-off. Actually spent, says Rutherford, was about $11,000.
“I believe we received about $6,000 of that amount back,” said Rutherford. “Our goal was to get the cost down to $5,000 and I think we are getting close. The decision needs to be made, are we going to continue?”
“Yes, we are going to continue,” said Alderman Ken Smith.
Vice Mayor Ben Newman added, “We are bringing in people from all over.”
Officials are currently reviewing the proposed budget. Changes can still be made.