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City board to rethink public notice
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McMinnville’s new policy on public notice and the time frame required for items to be heard by the full board could be a thing of the past, if the full board accepts a committee recommendation.According to Finance Committee chairman Ken Smith on Tuesday, he has listened to complaints about the new policy from every member of the board except Alderman Jimmy Bonner.“Every alderman, the mayor and city recorder, other than Jimmy Bonner, has made some remarks about the policies and procedures,” Smith said. “Everybody has. There are a number of problems with them.”The policy placed tougher restrictions on public notice, requiring at least seven days, as well as when actions from committee can be taken to the full board for consideration.Alderman Ben Newman made a motion to repel the new policy and go back to the old way the city used to operate.“Let’s go back to state law,” Newman said.