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Church seminar to search for truth
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If you were given the choice of vast worldly riches or the certain knowledge of absolute truth, which would you choose? One of the world’s greatest collections of wisdom literature advises us to “purchase the truth and sell it not.” (Proverbs 23). In other words, the truth is worth more than anything that can be bought or sold – whether gold, good health or real happiness.Central Church of Christ invites the general public to join a video-based study, “Searching for Truth,” starting Sunday evening, Feb. 5, at 6 p.m., and continuing every Sunday at the same time through mid-March in the congregation’s auditorium on Morford Street.“This seminar is specifically designed to reach out to the community and help people who may be searching for truth to find it,” Central preacher Ben Bailey said of the professionally produced, viewer-friendly video series.