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Cherry shoots self with rifle
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A man has been indicted on reckless endangerment charges after shooting himself with a rifle.
The man, Kenneth Dale Cherry, 59, was indicted on the single count by the Warren County grand jury this past week.
His charges come after Cherry called the 911 Center to make an unusual report.
“He reported that he had shot himself,” said sheriff’s investigator Kevin Murphy, noting officers arrived to find more than just a self-inflicted wound.
“It was discovered that he had discharged a 22-caliber rifle into the ceiling of a bedroom and then at the feet of his wife who was standing near the doorway,” Murphy said of what brought the reckless endangerment charges. “After discharging the rifle at her feet, he then fired a 22-caliber round into his stomach area and had to receive medical attention.”
Reckless endangerment with a weapon is a Class E felony punishable by one to two years in prison.