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Castle's body believed found in Winchester

The body of a former McMinnville resident wanted for shooting into a house in January has been found by police in Winchester.
According to Winchester Police Chief Dennis Young, skeletal remains believed to be those of Marc Castle, 40, were found Friday by a landowner clearing his property.
“DNA testing will have to confirm it, but we believe it is Marc Castle,” said Young. “Identification in the clothing indicates it was him and both weapons used in the shooting were found at the scene. We’re still working on cause of death but we believe it was suicide.”
Castle was the suspect in a Jan. 21 shooting in which more than 20 rounds from two weapons were fired into a home on North High Street in Winchester. Eyewitnesses told police Castle fled the scene on bicycle.
The body believed to be Castle’s was found about two blocks from the scene of the shooting in a deep thicket.
“There were briars in there that were over head high,” said Chief Young. “A rabbit wouldn’t have gone in there. The people who own the land were there cleaning it up when they found the remains. It was not in plain sight.”
Young said it’s possible the body could have been there since January. The remains have been sent to the University of Tennessee Anthropology Department for further identification. A timetable is not known on when that testing will be complete.
Castle endured run-ins with the law that began when he was a teen in Warren County.
He received a six-year sentence for robbing TransSouth Finance in 1993, which included spraying the teller in the face with pepper spray. The bank, no longer in town, was located on N. Chancery Street where Subway now operates.