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Canceling school saves headaches
Director of Schools Bobby Cox

The call to cancel school Friday ended up being a wise decision in hindsight as the snow predicted for late Friday afternoon ended up hitting Warren County on Friday morning.
“That would have been a bad situation,” said Director of Schools Bobby Cox, noting half of Warren County’s 6,500 students ride school buses, meaning they would have been bused home in heavy snowfall had schools started at their regular time.
Officials had announced early Thursday afternoon that schools would be on time Friday after missing Wednesday and Thursday due to icy conditions. Forecasts had called for 1 to 3 inches of snow to hit Warren County, but not until late Friday afternoon.
“It began snowing in parts of Warren County by 9 a.m. Friday morning,” said Cox.
As for the decision to call off schools, which was communicated by the school system’s call and text system around 9:30 p.m. Thursday, Cox said it was the uncertainty of the forecasts that was the deciding factor. The decision was made while he was at an out-of-town middle school ballgame, talking to administrators there and conferring with local officials.
“You had one saying it would change over to snow late Friday and then others said it would be closer to noon,” Cox said, adding he made decision to close schools after discussing the situation with the local emergency management agency. “The forecasts were changing so frequently Thursday night, we felt there wasn’t a certainty as to when the weather would move in. And, with the safety of our students in mind, we decided to go ahead and cancel classes Friday.”
The school system has six snow days left this school year.