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Business Pulse 6-21-15
Kristin Beedle says she doesnt fix whats not broken so she will be keeping the same theme to It All Makes Scents at its new location.

I’ve talked to a number of local residents over the past week who are absolutely pumped Zaxby’s is coming to town. I also heard comments from several folks asking about the other possible retail developments mentioned in that article.
If you recall, local realtor Sally Steakley said she had two other national clients who are interested in McMinnville. The problem? They are only interested in locating on The Strip.
These companies don’t want to be on the other side of the bypass near McDonald’s and Taco Bell. And they don’t want to be located on Chancery Street too close to downtown. They want to be smack dab in the middle of The Strip.
I talked to Sally on Friday to get a little more information. I know she’s not going to reveal any top-secret names, but she did say these companies are driven by traffic count figures. And there’s no higher traffic count in McMinnville than the area directly in front of Sonic and Foodland Plus.
Unfortunately, as Sally mentioned last week, there’s no property available there. I thought I stumbled on a brilliant idea when I mentioned to Sally that those two national businesses could locate in the front of the Foodland Plus parking lot. That sort of thing is done at every other shopping center in town.
At the mall, Wendy’s, Burger King, and the Kroger gas station are out front. At Plaza Shopping Center, you have Krystal located near the road. At Northgate Center, there’s Mudbums and the AT&T store. At Cumberland Plaza, there’s Applebee’s and Rafael’s. OK, you get the point.
So why couldn’t a couple businesses squeeze in the front parking lot of Foodland Plus. It turns out, Sally thought of that already.
“I mentioned it to the property owners and they considered it,” said Sally. “But now they don’t want to do it because they’re afraid they will lose too much of their parking lot.”
I can understand that. The parking lot isn’t tremendously deep and any development there would probably need to stretch along the road. If it went as deep as adjacent Sonic, it could get tight in there.
As for other possible areas around town, I think the empty lot on Sparta Street across from Best Western Tree City Inn would make a great restaurant location. It was last Tammy’s Little Tikes, but that building has since been leveled.
That spot is directly across from the best motel in town and motel visitors need places to eat. It’s also a high-traffic street, although not as busy as The Strip.

IDB talks about land for kayaks

In case you haven’t noticed, this kayaking thing has become bigger than biscuits and gravy. Folks are grabbing their kayaks and heading to one of our rivers for what I like to call relaxing adventure.
Our local Industrial Development Board is looking to capitalize on this trend even further. On Thursday, IDB members discussed buying property next to Gribble Bridge in the Riverside area. The property, which is .97 of an acre, is currently owned by Warren County Utility District. If purchased, this would provide another access point to the Collins River.
It was also mentioned Warren County should get itself listed on a popular kayaking website. It was said this website is frequently visited by kayakers looking for new places to explore.
In continuing the outdoor theme, it was also said Cabela’s would be a great fit for McMinnville and the old Fraley’s building on Main Street was mentioned as a possible spot. I wouldn’t necessarily count on that happening, but it was said Cabela’s located in a town of similar size to McMinnville and did a fabulous job of revitalizing everything around it.
I’m a firm believer in the power of suggestion so I’m going to keep talking about Cabela’s several times a year until we get one or until I die. You are welcome to guess which will happen first.

New location for It All Makes Scents

Kristin Beedle has developed quite a following for It All Makes Scents. The store is easy to find. Just follow your nose.
Kristin is making the store even easier to find as It All Makes Scents has moved from Spring Street to Main Street between Collins River BBQ and Et Cetera. The grand opening is this Tuesday at 9 a.m.
“I don’t fix what’s not broken,” said Kristin in saying her merchandise line will remain the same. However, with much more space, she will be adding new things to complement her candles, incense, bath salts, jewelry, and home decorating items.
One thing she’s adding to the back of the store is antiques. Once a hotbed for antique stores, downtown now has just one and Kristin said she’s eager to add to the antique appeal. She also has the No Bones About It dog treats which are made locally on Rebel Hill Street. She welcomes items produced locally.
Kristin says she’s in the process of buying the property at 121 E. Main Street from Smithville resident Phillip Cantrell. She has plans to restore the upstairs into a 4,000-square-foot townhouse.
“I’ll be able to listen to bands at Collins River without a cover charge,” said Kristin.
She also talked about plans for Spring Street where she still owns property. She said Shea Butcher is in the process of opening Shea’s Southern Boutique on Spring Street and offering women’s clothing. Robin Clark will be moving McMinnville Jui-Jitsu Academy across the street into the former location of It All Makes Scents.
Downtown is alive with activity. It’s alive.

Legend of J’s will continue

I’ve heard some folks ask about the fate of J’s Restaurant at Three Star Mall since owner Jean-Claude Petit died last Sunday. According to his son, Junior Petit, the popular eatery is not going anywhere as he says he will continue to operate as usual.
“I’ve worked here 26 years full time,” said Junior. “All the recipes are in my heart.”
Junior says J’s Restaurant will have the same name, the same look, and same great food customers have come to expect. He says J’s continues to thrive and is a huge draw for the mall.
“J’s is the face of Three Star Mall,” said Junior.
As for Jean-Claude, I can say I will miss him. While I don’t frequent J’s as much as some folks here at the office, I have a couple Jean-Claude stories I can tell.
His thoughts on an unproductive worker: “If she were to fall into a black hole tomorrow, no one would ever know.”
His thoughts on a chintzy knickknack store that opened about 10 years ago at the mall: “I have more junk in my bathroom than they have in that store.”
Jean-Claude was one of the few people in this community who was an avid reader of Business Pulse. He would always ask me in amazement how I could find business news to write about week after week in Warren County.
Since it was Jean-Claude, I did confide in him the tricks of the trade. If there’s some great Business Pulse in the sky, perhaps he will get a chance to read it.

Brown gets down to detail

Vehicles have a way of getting messy. We can blame it on the kids, but it’s not always the youngsters who turn our vehicles into rolling trash cans.
If your car resembles this remark, you might want to see Robert Brown. He’s opened a new car-cleaning business in Mt. Leo called The Detail Shop. It’s located in the old Kubota dealership on Beersheba Street.
Robert does it all and he does all the work himself to make sure it’s done to his satisfaction. This includes carpet and seat cleaning, shampooing, washing, waxing, and window cleaning.
Robert says he’s happy to detail any type of vehicle. He said small cars and trucks start around $35 and SUVs start around $45. He also does campers, RVs and big trucks. Because all vehicle messes are not created equal, Robert says the best bet is to stop by his store so he can quote you a price. He says he stays at the shop until 6 p.m. to make it convenient for folks to swing by after work.
The phone number to call for more information is (931) 314-1083.

Bridgestone continues internship program

Jobs are everywhere and it seems just about everyone is hiring. But sometimes it seems workers don’t have the skills companies need.
It’s with that in mind, Bridgestone is continuing an innovative new internship program that will give one Motlow College student on-the-job training at the plant in Morrison. Heath Layne was the student selected for this program. He is enrolled in the Mechatronics program at Motlow.
“I think I’ll learn a lot here,” said Heath, who plans to continue his engineering work at MTSU after he graduates from Motlow.
Said Motlow Mechatronics instructor Fred Rascoe, “This is a great opportunity for students to get their degree and work for a world-class organization at the same time.”
Bridgestone will pay for Heath to continue his education at Motlow while also offering him paid hours each week at the Warren plant. The goal is to develop a bright employee who can help the company in the future.
“The things companies have been doing to recruit and retain employees have not been working,” said Bridgestone representative Keith Hamilton. “Companies are realizing they have to be innovative in attracting and retaining new talent and we think programs like this are going to be the wave of the future.”
Bridgestone maintenance supervisor Phil Trumm said Heath will work alongside engineering technicians to learn the trade.
“It’s real stuff, real projects,” said Phil. “We start them off simple and then get more complicated. Our basic expectation is we want them to learn troubleshooting and we also want to see their work ethic.”

That’s all folks

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