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I realize there are some unhappy Pioneer football fans out there after Warren County endured a forgettable night Friday in Sparta.
With  berth in the playoffs on the line, the Pioneers played a disappointing football game in a blowout loss.
I’ve heard some people say this setback should seal the fate of the football coach and send him packing. I say this would be absolutely the wrong thing to do.
Instead, I think the football coach should be given a $17,000 raise, six weeks vacation, and a contract that makes it nearly impossible to ever fire him. For pointers on how to create such a contract, the school system should consult with McMinnville officials and follow the wording of the new contract given to the city administrator. That’s just a thought.
In case you were wondering, I had the chance to attend last week’s dance at Warren County Middle School. Entering the gym took me back 30 years to the days when I used to impress the girls on the dance floor.
OK, so “impress” might not be the right word, but this is my memory so let me at least have this one.
One thing that really surprised me about the dance was kids are still break dancing. I was in middle school when this new style of dancing was first introduced and could never figure out the attraction to spinning around on the floor. If you put a little Pine Sol on your back, this might have been good for cleaning, but not much else.
Despite my belief break dancing would be a fad that would die with the Rubix Cube and those “Baby On Board” signs, I’m here to report kids today are still using break dancing moves. Just add parachute pants and we’ll be back in the ’80s, which I’ve always argued is the best decade of all time.
Arcade games like Pac-Man were the rage and interesting gadgets like the home computer and VCR made their debut. The ’80s gave us Cabbage Patch Dolls, “The Dukes of Hazzard,” and let’s not forget Michael Jackson’s historic album “Thriller.”
Well that’s a long enough trip down memory lane. Here’s Business Pulse.

New Mexican
restaurant opens

Since news began surfacing about a new Mexican restaurant coming to the old Charley’s BBQ spot on Sparta Street, I’ve heard several people say McMinnville doesn’t need another Mexican restaurant.
Apparently those folks are wrong.
Chabelitas Mexican Restaurant opened last Sunday and has been greeted by strong crowds for its first week of business. Based on the number of people there Friday for lunch and dinner, I guess McMinnville residents did want another Mexican restaurant.
“I always get the chicken fajitas no matter which Mexican restaurant I go to and these are the best in town,” said Leta Glenn. “I love the salsa. They make it right here and it’s really good.”
As I walked around the dining room during lunch on Friday, I talked to several satisfied customers. David Mason Simpson gave the food two thumbs up, which is always good news. He’s trying to sell the old Greg’s Place just down the road on Sparta Street.
Linda Cooper, who owns the building, says she has eaten there every day. Between her and David Mason, they may keep this restaurant afloat themselves.
Teo Diaz and Pablo Gonzalez are the co-owners and they are seasoned restaurant veterans. They also operate a restaurant in Smithville.
Teo says the fajitas are probably the most popular menu item, but his homemade guacamole with big chunks of avocado is also a favorite. It’s traditional Mexican food with tacos, chimichangas, rice and beans. One unique item is the Mexican burger served with jalapeno cheese and avocado.
With autumn in full swing and winter approaching, Teo says now is not the ideal time to utilize the deck and patio area, but he’s excited about next spring and summer when he figures they will be a big attraction.
“It will be nice when the margaritas get here,” said Teo, who already has his beer license and is working to obtain his liquor license. “We plan on giving people the best food and service they can get. We want happy customers.”
Chabelitas is open seven days a week and can be reached by calling 507-9500.

for gold

Back in the 1850s, people flocked out West in hopes of striking it rich in the California Gold Rush. Nowadays, there’s no reason to go to such lengths as you can sell your gold right here in McMinnville at U.S. Standard Gold Buyers. Finding it, however, is still up to you.
“We have a different business model than a lot of other gold buyers,” said Crystal Brown, who is vice president of operations. “We want people to feel comfortable here and we are very careful to explain to them the process.”
“When we’re done, we want you to feel like you’ve been educated,” Crystal continued. “And if you decide you don’t want to sell, that’s fine too. There’s no pressure.”
The business opened Wednesday at the old Baskin-Robbins spot. Crystal says it’s the 13th U.S. Standard Gold Buyers location with a 14th set to open in about two weeks in Corbin, Ky.
One thing she stressed is all business is conducted in front of the customer. Nothing is taken to the back to be weighed. She said 10 karat gold is only 41 percent gold, while 14 karat gold is 58 percent gold.
“A lot of people don’t realize real gold is orange and looks fake to most people,” said Crystal. “It’s not bright yellow.”
The business buys all types of silver and gold items. That includes coins, jewelry and flatware. Crystal said many older U.S. coins are worth far more for their metal than they are when used as currency. For example, an old silver dollar is worth $21.50 and a silver half dollar is worth $10.
Crystal says anyone who may have inherited jewelry from a relative and isn’t interested in keeping it can bring it by for an estimate.
“We realize some items may have sentimental value so there’s no pressure to sell if you don’t want to,” she said. “If you decide to sell it later, we’ll be here. We don’t have plans to go anywhere.”
What I like most is the referral program. If you refer a customer to U.S. Standard and they sell more than $200 worth of metal, then the person making the referral gets $25.
Since I had to ask, Crystal said this referral program will work for me too. If you tell them James Clark sent you, I’ll get $25 if they buy more than $200 of your stuff. Allow me to thank you in advance.
U.S. Standard Gold Buyers can be reached at 507-5454.

Driver promotes
hormone therapy

Business Pulse is proud to recognize McMinnville native Angie Driver, who has joined the staff of Tier 1 Institute in Cookeville as its new health and wellness nurse.
Tier I Institute is an interesting business that offers hormone replacement services. I never knew much about hormone replacement before talking to Angie on Thursday. She told me the results can be amazing.
“This has been a life-changing thing for me,” said Angie. “I thought something was seriously wrong with me because I’ve always been an energetic person, but I got to where I didn’t want to do anything. If I sat down too long, I felt like I would fall asleep. But since I’ve been on this, everything has changed. I have energy to exercise and I have more endurance. People who start taking hormone replacement usually never stop because nobody wants to give up the energy that it gives you to do everything you want.”
Angie handles all of the consultations at Tier 1 Institute. Dr. Keith Nichols, who specializes in hormone replacement therapy, is one of the physicians.
Angie says the key is finding the right balance between seven hormones in your body – thyroid, estrogen, progesterone, pregnenolene, testosterone, melatonin and DHEA. She says if one of those hormones is out of whack, it can effect your mood, memory, weight, skin tone, strength, and ability to sleep. That’s just to name a few. Just about everything from your hair, to your likelihood to have a stroke can be impacted by your hormone levels, Angie says.
“This therapy has preventive effects,” she said. “It helps your good cholesterol and fights the bad cholesterol. It helps with age-related problems. We have a lot of people from McMinnville who are doing this.”
Angie has worked in a variety of healthcare settings in and around Warren County for the past 17 years and it seems like she’s found a nice home at Tier 1 Institute. She told me the hormone therapy treatments are done by pill and by cream so there’s no painful shots to take.
To reach Angie or to learn more about bio identical hormone replacement therapy, you can call 1-931-526-9518 or visit

New hippie
store opens

It was several weeks ago I told you about a new hippie store coming to Plaza Shopping Center called Special Effects. I thought I would provide a brief update to tell you Teresa Honeycutt opened the business on Monday and is anxious to get the word out.
“I was at Walgreens the other day and asked some of the employees if they knew I was here and they said they had no idea,” said Teresa. “Business has been OK, but I think it will pick up once more people realize I’m here.”
The business is not located at what I’d call a fabulous retail spot. It is at bustling Plaza Shopping Center, but it’s in the back corner behind Stewart Pharmacy which makes it easier to overlook. I hope this mention will draw attention to Special Effects because it’s a neat store.
There are tie-dye shirts, fashionable purses and bags, hats, sunglasses, jewelry, incense, and other items. The business is open Monday thru Saturday and can be reached at 474-3030.

That’s all folks

Business tips are always appreciated so give me a call at 473-2191.