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Business Cheetah 8-16-15
Vallery Shannon, pictured with her dogs Stewie and Babe, has opened Crooked Stick Warren County with her husband, Bruce. The business is open at the old Warren County Tack and Feed location on Sparta Highway.
Before we get started on a memorable installment of Business Cheetah that should be cut out and hung on the fridge, let’s take a moment to recognize one of the great Americans in Warren County. It’s none other than Rhonda Cummings.As you may have heard, there was a high-profile stabbing last Sunday at the VFW. Thanks to Rhonda’s decisive action, further damage was averted when she allowed stabbing victim Mike Hale to dash through a side entrance of the VFW then blocked the door for the three people who were chasing him.“Duecey was running pretty fast,” she said, recalling how she saw Mike running through the parking lot. “I didn’t even realize he’d been stabbed at that point.