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Bryant explains her reasons for drive-thru request
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County Trustee Darlene Bryant wants the Warren County Commission to seriously consider installing a drive-thru window in her office.
“The commissioners may not realize I have over 1,000 elderly customers who pay their taxes with tax relief payments. The banks don’t take those. Those 1,000 elderly customers need to have a drive-thru window,” said Bryant.
“Also, what about a mom with two babies or someone who is sick? My office having a drive-thru window would make paying taxes much more convenient,” she added.
Total price for window installation, according to Bryant’s estimates, would be $15,300.
The county’s Budget and Grounds Committee met earlier this month – without Bryant present – to discuss her request. The proposal was not warmly embraced.
Commissioner Clinton “Pee Wee” Hill said he can still hobble his way inside to pay his taxes so he believes other seniors can too. County Executive John Pelham said residents who must use a drive-thru window have other options.
“She has an arrangement with the banks where they accept property taxes,” said Pelham at the meeting. “If there’s somebody who can’t come in, they can go to the bank’s drive-thru window and pay taxes there.”
Bryant says she has saved much of the money to pay for the window herself.
“I saved $12,000 out of last year’s budget to help pay for this window. I am only asking for about $3,000,” said Bryant. “The money is in my budget. I don’t understand why they would not put it in. I have spoken with an engineer who looked everything over and he said the area was great for a drive-thru window.”
The county Building and Grounds Committee meets the second Tuesday of each month at the Administrative Building on Locust Street.