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Brock considered as permanent city admin.
Officials to discuss move Tuesday night
Bill Brock

After more than a year of being interim city administrator, Bill Brock could be kicking the temporary title for the permanent one.
McMinnville’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen will be meeting Tuesday night at 7 p.m. to consider hiring Brock as city administrator, among other measures.
Brock was unanimously appointed to the position in August 2014. At that time, Brock asked for a chance, stating, “If you will trust me, I will show you what I can do.”
Today, Brock hopes he has proven himself.
“About 15 months ago, I asked the board to trust me and give me a chance to show them what I can do,” said Brock. “I appreciate the opportunity board members gave me in appointing me interim city administrator. I feel I’ve proved myself over the last year. Hopefully, they are happy with the job I’ve done and will allow me to continue serving the city in this capacity.”
According to the ordinance that established the office of city administrator, anyone holding the position must hold a college degree. Brock does not.
The city waived the college degree requirement, but only for an interim city administrator, not a permanent one. If board members decide to give Brock the position, they will have to eliminate the college degree requirement.
Alderman Jimmy Bonner voiced the strongest concern for appointing Brock as interim due to the college degree qualification. He still feels whoever holds the position should have a college degree.
“It’s nothing against Bill. I think he’s done a fine job," said Bonner. "However, I am not in favor of removing the college degree."
Brock received a verbal guarantee from the board he could return as Public Works director if he was no longer needed as city administrator.