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Brock announces candidacy for judge
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Jean Brock has announced she is a candidate for General Sessions Judge of Warren County. She has been campaigning since February and will be on the Aug. 7 General Election ballot.
Attorney, wife, and mother, Brock has stated she is “decisive and committed to hard work. My life and my profession have given me the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of families who have been impacted by domestic conflict and drug abuse.”  
Brock is ready to protect justice for citizens and families and is a strong advocate for children.  
“I fully realize Warren County is enduring trouble from many angles. Today, the same people are appearing over and over on the General Sessions criminal docket. The number of burglaries and thefts increase as drug use spirals out of control. Drug abuse and drug dealers are destroying our families. An increased financial and emotional burden is placed on family members who desperately want to help those addicted. More and more grandparents are now raising their grandchildren due to the parent’s incarceration or drug addiction.”  
“Worst of all, children are being abused and neglected in alarming numbers,” Brock continued. “Whether I prosecute or defend a criminal case, pursue a civil lawsuit, or argue for a child’s best interest, I know a judge’s decision can change the direction of a life and there needs to be a change in the direction of some lives.”
Brock continued, “Without action, juvenile delinquent offenders will be the next group of adults on the General Sessions criminal docket.  As I have said, change the direction of a child and you redefine the future. My life’s work in the legal field has brought me to this one overriding fact: My personal desire is to have an impact on our county by putting my very best decision-making capabilities to work for the greater good of every man, woman, and child. I want the legal community to be proud to walk into the courtroom and state their case and expect an honest, fair, thoughtful and expedited decision from me. This is the reason I want to be your General Sessions Judge.”
Brock’s early life experiences, her military career and her legal training, have prepared her to serve as your judge.
“As some may know, my childhood was spent in abject poverty to the point we lived without plumbing until I was 10, had to choose between electricity and propane for heat some winters, and my family found ourselves at the mercy of friends and churches to survive at times, among many other things. The challenges of my life and my time spent in the military taught me hard work, persistence, sheer determination, and common sense would change the direction of my life and would redefine my future,” Brock said.
She is certified by the Tennessee Supreme Court as a family mediator. She received her BS degree from MTSU and her law degree from the University of Memphis College of Law. Brock is a veteran of the United States Air Force. She is a member of American Legion Post 173 and VFW Post 5064 Ladies Auxiliary and has coached Little Pioneer Jaycee Basketball.
Jean and her husband Brent, a policeman, and their daughter Bailey, a student at Hickory Creek, live in McMinnville. Brock has stated her priorities are faith, family, church and community.