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Bricks ready to stack
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The large pile of bricks behind the Blue Building will be cleaned, stacked on pallets, shrink wrapped and stored.
McMinnville officials made the decision after being told their options by Public Works director Bill Brock during a Building and Grounds Committee meeting Tuesday night.
“You can leave the bricks there. They aren’t hurting anything, but you will lose some,” Brock said. “Or, you could start stacking them and putting them on pallets.”
Building and Grounds Committee chairman Ben Newman says he would prefer the latter.
In order to clean and stack the brick, an individual must pick each brick up, knock the mortar off with a hammer and neatly stack it on a pallet. At this time, it is unknown how many hundreds of bricks are in the pile.
The tedious job will be the first assignment of the new guy. Brock says he had intentions of hiring one individual for his department in the next couple of months for the mowing season but he could hire early and put that person to work cleaning and stacking the brick.
“I could go ahead and hire somebody now and put them on that particular job,” Brock said. “That would get them cleaned, stacked and moved before mowing begins. It would be nice to have two people. I don’t really like one person working by themselves just in case something were to happen. I could bring in two people then let one go at the end of that particular project.”
Newman made a motion to clean, stack, shrink wrap and store the brick. Aldermen Ken Smith and Jimmy Bonner agreed.
Job openings within the city are listed on its website at Applications are not accepted until the position is listed.