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Boyfriend tries to set girlfriend's underwear on fire
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A man faces attempted rape charges after he tried to light his girlfriend’s underwear on fire after she refused to have sex with him.The suspect, Larry Lamont Anderson, 32, is charged with aggravated domestic assault and attempted rape for the incident last week on King Street.“The victim advised that her boyfriend had removed her underwear without her consent and attempted to set them on fire while they were in her hands,” said McMinnville policewoman Rachel Nichols, noting Anderson became angry and began accusing her of cheating on him when she refused to have sex.The victim pointed out Anderson was nude during the incident and that he pushed her onto the bed and tried to coerce her into having sex. The woman resisted and the dispute became more physical as he continued groping her.“He placed his forearm against her throat causing her to feel as if she could not breathe,” Nichols said in her warrant.The victim was able to get away and run to her car. However, her boyfriend followed her and began banging on her window and trying to put grass in her gas tank to disable her car.