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Boyd School goes insane
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Things went horribly wrong right from the start Friday night at the Boyd Christian School insane asylum.
“The last tour didn’t go according to plan,” the tour guide announced before leading a group through the school’s version of a haunted house. “So we’ve beefed up security in order to prevent any other problems. We hope this helps.”
After pausing for a moment, the tour guide allowed people to enter the insane asylum.
“I don’t hear any more screams so I guess the last group is finished,” he said.
The tour was a harrowing trip through darkness and the unknown. It was punctuated by moments of intense fear and saturated with blood.
The insane asylum story was written by Boyd senior Hannah Disbro with the help of her sponsor, Brandon Parsley. Disbro said she spent about $70 buying all the fake blood.
“It’s an insane asylum and sometimes the patients have a bad day,” she said. “This is one of those bad days. The script took over a month to write. We wrote the whole thing, then tore it apart and pretty much started over.”
The tour took visitors on a descent into madness as it twisted through a demented maze that included a graveyard, surgery room, and cafeteria. The insane asylum ended with guests being chased by ghosts in the graveyard.
Crowds were healthy throughout the night with tours beginning at dark and lasting until around 10 p.m.