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Boyd celebrates class of 2015
Boyd Christian graduated nine seniors during its ceremony Thursday at Central Church of Christ. Pictured are, from left, Brooklyn Bain, Lindsey Hennessee, Tyler Judkins, Jay Martin, Edgar Morales, Hannah Reed, Caleb Rigsby and Talynn Terry.

Telling the story of the Talents from the Bible, Boyd Christian School valedictorian Colin Stubblefield urged his fellow graduates to go out and succeed rather than waste their abilities by not trying.
Commencement ceremonies were held Thursday night at Central Church of Christ for the Boyd class of 2015. The class graduated nine students including Stubblefield, salutatorian Jameson Caleb Rigsby, Brooklyn Paige Bain, Tyler Eugene Judkins, Lindsey Brooke Hennessee, Jay Martin, Edgar Anthony Morales, Hannah Marie Reed and Talynn Jade Terry.
During his commencement speech, Stubblefield spoke about the parable of the Talent and how the master left talents with three of his servants. While two went out and grew their talents, one servant hid his talent and was chastised by the master when he returned.
“Don’t be that one talent man who failed to do something with his talent for fear of failure,” said Stubblefield, noting Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times in his career as an inventor but never considered it failing. “That was 10,000 lessons learned.”
Stubblefield said Boyd Christian has helped its students be prepared for the next step in life.
“My time at Boyd has been a strong foundation, both spiritually and academically,” Stubblefield said.
Stubblefield pointed out nothing comes easy and that graduates will have to work to achieve.
“Hard work really does pay off,” Stubblefield declared, pointing out everyone in the graduating class has the potential to do great things. “God has given each of us a talent. Develop your God-given ability.”
Salutatorian Caleb Rigsby pointed out it is a person’s actions that will be remembered, not their name.
“Your name, not many may remember,” Rigsby said in his speech. “We are programmed to remember not names but actions. More than likely you will not remember my name, and I’m okay with that. What I do hope you all remember is things I have done to influence you all in a positive way. That is more important in the long run.”
Rigsby noted that what one does in life is what he or she will be known and remembered for.
“I will never forget the many people here,” Rigsby said of his time at Boyd.
Rigsby said he is looking forward to taking the next step in life and encouraged his fellow graduates to embrace the future.
“Be all you can be, every second of every minute, of every hour, of every day for the rest of your life. There are 86,400 seconds in a day and I hope you take each and every second and make it worthwhile,” Rigsby proclaimed, adding there is much potential in the Boyd class of 2015. “We may seem small in number, but in our numbers are athletes, artisans, entrepreneurs and much more.”