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Bollards strike again
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Another truck getting stuck on a bollard on Main Street is expected to do little to change the fate of the red bells as permanent fixtures downtown.
McMinnville Public Works director Bill Brock says the truck driver was in a place he shouldn’t have been, even before getting stuck on the bollard.
“He told one of my guys that he saw the signs telling him not to go that way, but his GPS was telling him to go that way,” Brock said. “He decided to listen to his GPS. He ran up on the sidewalk, ran over a planter bed and then he hit the bollard.”
To prevent incidents such as this, a truck ordinance was passed prohibiting truck drivers from using Main Street as a pass through to their destination. Signs warning truck drivers were placed at all streets entering the downtown area.
McMinnville officials recently considered removing the bollards. Brock objected citing the protection of the city’s financial investment on Main Street and the protection of residents when trucks leave the roadway. Brock says this latest incident reinforces his prior stance.
“Obviously, he didn’t look back or he would have seen he was up on the sidewalk and running over a planter bed. What if someone had been sitting there? A guy at the fire hall said he finally stopped when he hit the bollard with his axle. Then, he tried to pull off the bollard and hit the second axle. He destroyed both axles.”
The truck’s driver, James McKinney, was out of Lawrenceville, Ga., heading to Cumberland Lumber. He was cited by McMinnville Police Department for tractor trailer operation on a no-truck route.