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Board of Education generates powerful plan to stay in touch
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The Warren County Board of Education is tired of being left in the dark, literally, prompting plans to install generators on the grounds of its headquarters.
“Once electricity goes down we are dead here,” said Director of Schools Bobby Cox, saying the school system’s main office is left on an island during blackouts. “When that happens, we can’t communicate with the schools or anyone.”
Bringing about the concern were a pair of recent blackouts which left most of the county in the dark, both incidents coming during regular school hours.
“Those affected basically everyone in the county,” Cox said, noting schools were also affected by the loss of power.
In both cases there was a failure of a substation which led to a mass blackout.
“It’s normally caused by some misguided squirrel,” said School Board chairman Bill Zechman of the cause of at least one of the recent blackouts.
Cox said the episodes have shown him there is a need to have back-up generators at the school’s administrative offices on Morrison Street. The need, Cox said, is not just for communication, but also to protect the school’s data storage systems.
Cox told members of the School Board there are two ideas being floated concerning back-up generators. The school system could buy the items or they could rent the generators.
“I plan on getting some numbers on what it would cost to do it both ways,” Cox said, noting he is also looking into off-site data storage since the mass of information collected by the school system is presently kept on site.
“Right now the cost would be about $1 per student meaning about $6,400,” Cox said, noting by backing data up on a server located elsewhere, the school system would have a reliable backup for all its information should there be a major catastrophe here or massive system failure.
Cox said he would continue looking into the generator and off-site server ideas and brief the board again in future meetings.