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Board looks to regulate school elections
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A new policy aimed at ensuring student body elections are above board is working its way through the Warren County Board of Education.
 The plan would put the oversight of school elections, ranging from elementary to high school, under the supervision of a panel made of up students and faculty. The elections that would be under its oversight would include everything from prom queen to student body president.
 “We want to make sure we have transparency in student elections,” said Director of Schools Bobby Cox during a discussion of the proposed policy. “It would help the reputation of student elections by having a committee that monitors them.”
The committee would include a panel of four students and three faculty advisors. There would be a committee appointed at each school in the county.
While the idea was floated at the most recent school board meeting, Cox said he will do due diligence in making sure election committees are something that is needed and wanted before moving ahead and establishing them in area schools.
“We’re going to ask the principals of the schools what they think and how it would affect their schools,” Cox said. “We don’t want to install something that would be detrimental. We only want it if it is going to benefit the election process at our schools.”