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Birthing Tree repaired
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Cortese Tree Specialist made repairs to the Birthing Tree on Wednesday. The dead limb has been removed and a slice of it has been sent for testing.
“Warren County is really lucky to have a tree like this,” said Cortese Tree Specialist general manager Sam Adams. “I hate that the loss of that limb has left a big hole in this side of the tree, but the tree is still sound and in good health.”
Along with repairing damage to the tree, pruning it and examining the current supports and its lightening protection system, Adams removed a sliver that will be taken to Tennessee Tech arborist Dr. Douglas Airhart, who will examine the piece and estimate the tree’s approximate age.
“We have to remove the broken limb to prevent further damage to the tree,” said Adams. “After we remove the broken limb, we are going to trim it back to the trunk of the tree and remove a piece as close to the trunk as possible. That will be the piece used for testing.”
Currently, the tree is estimated to be between 200 and 400 years old. Without removing the tree and counting the rings, an estimate can be generated from the limb and growth of the tree.
McMinnville officials voted to pay Cortese Tree Specialist $1,900. No decision has been made regarding a request from McMinnville Heritage Preservation for the city to pay an outstanding debt of $6,153 that the organization incurred in 2009 for care of the tree at that time.