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Architect working on bids for schools
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Upland Design Group is working on bid documents for building projects at Bobby Ray Elementary, Irving College, and Warren County High School. The projects could be bid next week.
 “We intend to send the plans and specifications to the fire marshal this week,” said Derrick Clemow of Upland Design. “Specifications and plans have to go to the fire marshal for review. Then, we intend to put them out for bids next week and receive bids the first week in May. We aren’t exactly sure of the day yet because you always want to make sure you don’t have jobs competing against your job on the particular day you set it for.”
The budgets set for the projects are: Bobby Ray $800,000, Irving College $3 million, and WCHS $1.1 million.
Clemow says the plan is to divide some aspects of each project into alternates, which are additional items of work the companies bid on that may be added as part of the contract if the bids come within the designated budget, or left out of the contract if the bids come in outside budget.
“We have been diligently trying to find ways that we can bid alternates,” he said. “In other words, we know we have a responsibility to meet a bid target. In order to do that, we have to identify some parts of the work that can be priced separately. It’s our responsibility to do that and also our responsibility to give you some shopping tools so you can say ‘We want to do this, but not that.’” 
The projects:
Irving College – a new gymnasium and cafeteria will be constructed at the back of the existing building. The two structures will be connected to the main building with a gym lobby, two new classrooms, and bathrooms.
WCHS – a new weight room and bathrooms will be constructed and attached to the rear of the main building. A new athletic fieldhouse will be away from the main building in that same area and be attached to the main building with a canopy.
Bobby Ray – plans are to remove the existing band building, add a new floor for the existing gym, add new bathrooms, new mechanical units, ADA connection to the rest of campus, and new electrical and lighting in the gym. A courtyard area will also be established.
Receiving the update were members of the county’s Education Committee.