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Architect wants Irving College addition in front
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Upland Design Group has provided an update on building projects at Bobby Ray Elementary, Irving College, and Warren County High School.
“We have a lot more to do,” said Upland Design Group architect Derrick Clemow. “We are avidly staying within our budget constraints and moving as fast as we can go, but there are a lot of pieces to consider.”
At Irving College, a new gymnasium and cafeteria will be constructed at the back of the existing building. The two structures will be connected to the main building with a gym lobby, two new classrooms, and bathrooms. The budget is $3 million.
“Esthetically, it’s not where we want to put it but it’s where we need to put it,” said Clemow. “The new addition will be connected to the rear of the building rather than the front because of drainage issues. We prefer the front because it improves the look of the entire building. However, this is what we have to work with.”
The school has an enrollment of 210. After construction, it can house 380 students. Renovation will be conducted in two phases, with phase one beginning this summer and completed in the spring of 2016. Phase two will begin in early summer 2016 and be completed in late summer 2016.
At WCHS, a new weight room and bathrooms will be constructed and attached to the rear of the main building. A new athletic fieldhouse will be away from the main building in that same area and be attached to the main building with a canopy.
“The building will be rectangular,” Clemow said of the fieldhouse. “It will have level entrances on two sides, but above ground on the two other sides. The foundation will be exposed. It’s not ideal. Tension footings will have to be placed underground because the building’s foundation will protrude above ground on the backside.”
The fieldhouse will be ventilated but not air conditioned. The budget is $1.1 million.
At Bobby Ray, plans are to remove the existing band building, add a new floor for the existing gym, add new bathrooms, new mechanical units, ADA connection to the rest of campus, and new electrical and lighting in the gym. A courtyard area will also be established. The budget is $800,000.
When Clemow made a presentation to the School Board in December, he stated the band room needs to be demolished in order to make room for construction of a lobby for the existing gymnasium that will include new bathrooms, concession area and storage.
At the time, the firm was unaware McMinnville’s highly acclaimed Silver and Gold Band practiced in the band room and has for years. Director of Schools Bobby Cox says he contacted band director Mike Chilcutt about making other arrangements.
“We have found a place for the Silver and Gold Band to use for its practices,” said Cox. “There’s a space for them at Warren County Middle School.”
Receiving the update were members of the county’s Education Committee.