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Animal control positions may be filled soon
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The director and assistant director for Warren County Animal Control could be selected this Tuesday. An interview process will begin at 5 p.m. and approximately 13 applicants will be invited.
The date was set by Health and Welfare Committee members during their regular monthly meeting Tuesday night after members reviewed the 41 applicants received for full-time director and part-time assistant.
Commissioner Sally Brock and Warren County Executive John Pelham went through the list prior to the meeting and selected 13 they considered promising.
“Here is the list,” said Brock. “The individuals highlighted are those John and I selected. Let us know if there are any you want to include or any you want to remove from those we have chosen.”
Of the 13 individuals, five indicated they only wanted to be considered for the assistant position and eight asked to be considered for either assistant or director.
“What about the ones who are not Warren County residents?” asked Commissioner Billy Earl Jones.
Committee members advertised for individuals who lived within close proximity to the animal control building and could get there within 15 minutes, if needed. However, applications were received from three people who listed their residence as Smithville, Manchester and Woodbury.
“None of those were considered,” said Brock. “We only looked at individuals who live within Warren County. I know this is the first time you have gotten to see the list. Look it over. If you want to make any changes, contact me or John as soon as you can.”
Individuals remaining on the list will be scheduled for interviews. Each interview will last about 15 minutes. Applicants will be asked a set of established questions by committee members and scored on the answers given. The committee’s recommendation will then be presented to Pelham for his consideration.