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Animal Control asks for more county funding
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Warren County Animal Control director Kim Pettrey presented what could be considered a wish-list to members of the county’s Health and Welfare Committee.Pettrey’s budget request is for $101,120, which is an increase of over $17,500 from last year’s budget.The request for a new vehicle valued at $10,000 makes up the majority of the proposed increase. Animal Control currently has two vehicles.Pettrey said one of the vehicles, a 2003 Chevy half-ton truck with 159,000 miles, is leaking water. She said she must put antifreeze in the vehicle every week.Pettrey said Animal Control’s other vehicle, a 1997 Chevy half-ton truck with 234,000 miles, is in better shape than its newer counterpart.“The ’97 is a better truck.