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Andy Anderson praises county Animal Control
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Warren County Animal Control is now receiving praise from someone who once criticized the way the facility was being run.
Andy Anderson, former Humane Society president, was on hand during a recent county Health and Welfare Committee meeting.
“A few years back when I was president of the Humane Society I came and gave everyone a hard time about the way Animal Control was being run,” said Anderson. “I am not taking back what was said then but, if I am willing to criticize, I should be able to praise when things are going good. I want to say, I am so proud of the way Animal Control is being run. The girls there are working very hard to treat animals the way they should be treated. Finding rescues and homes for animals to be adopted takes a lot of work. I am not speaking for the Humane Society. I am not with them anymore. I am speaking as one person. But, I believe Animal Control is doing a fabulous job down there. And, I think they need to hear it. If you want to complain, when somebody turns it around you need to tell them. People don’t give praise and support like they should. I just want them to know I appreciate what they are doing.”
Animal Control director Kim Pettrey was thankful for the praise.
“I was really pleased to hear someone give us a good report instead of saying something bad about us. It feels good to be recognized for the good we are doing. It is nice to know that all the hard work we are trying to do is appreciated. I want to thank Andy so much for saying what she did,” said Pettrey.
Pettrey and Karla Fischbach are the only Animal Control employees at this time. Pettrey has been director of Animal Control since November 2012.
The facility is located at 169 Paws Trail. For more information about Animal Control, visit its Facebook page at Warren County Animal Control, McMinnville, TN.