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Abandoned baby story exaggerated
Customer did not leave child behind
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A Facebook rumor has the phones ringing off the hook at the local United Grocery Outlet store after it was claimed through social media that a mother had handed her baby to a cashier and abandoned the child.
“That would have definitely been a crime,” said McMinnville Police Chief Bryan Denton who was baffled by the rumor that popped up on Facebook claiming a baby had been left with a teenage cashier at UGO on New Smithville Highway. “We were able to find the post on Facebook so we then contacted the Department of Children’s Services and they said they had no such report.”
The reason DCS and police could not find anything concrete on the rumor was because it never happened, or at least, it never happened as the growing rumor portrayed it.
According to local UGO manager Jamison Jones, there was, in fact, a baby left with a teenage cashier Sunday. However, it was not a case of abandonment but was instead a case of the mother going outside to her car to get extra money to pay for her purchase.
“The way I understand it, the woman asked our cashier to hold her baby while she went out to her car to get some change,” Jones said. “She came back in about five minutes later, paid and got her child.”
Jones said at no time was the baby abandoned nor was it in any danger. He believes the whole story got exaggerated by the time it reached social media. Had the incident happened as claimed and the mother abandoned her baby, Jones said authorities would have certainly been contacted.