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What the doctor ordered
Dr. Franson tops Triple C Nursery
Catcher Kade Thompson of Denning and Cantrell makes the play at home while Franson Orthopedics' Ava Franson tries to avoid the tag.
Hoover-Millraney Field was busy Thursday night at McMinnville Civic Center. Triple C Nursery and Dr. Franson Orthopedics were in a tough contest until Dr. Franson pulled out a third-inning rally to secure the game 11-9 in girls 7-9 softball action.Triple C had first ups, but despite hits by Kennedy Scott and Annabella Culwell, the nursery girls couldn’t plant any runs. Dr. Franson didn’t have any trouble operating in the first inning, as Alyssa Young, Allie Melton and Hana Parsley all scored runs before the end of the first, leaving Dr. Franson Orthopedics with a slight edge, 3-0.Triple C Nursery wasn’t sitting down on the job however, as Jenna Patrick, Stella Dunn and Emma Neal evened things up with runs in the second, 3-3.Triple C scored 2 runs in the third, with Culwell and Kaydence Tanner crossing home for a 5-3 lead, but Dr. Franson Orthopedics was making its rounds as well, scoring 3 in the bottom of the inning with runs by Young, Melton and Kaidence Crouch, 6-5.But it was a big third-inning for Dr. Franson Orthopedics that straightened things out for the team as Young, for the third time in the contest, Kayden Gibson, Aryana Luna, Ava Franson and Crouch all scored to give the team an 11-5 lead Triple C Nursery couldn’t dig out from under.Triple C didn’t give up without a fight though, as Kennedy Scott, Amaya Martin, Culwell and Tanner all scored before Dr. Franson retired the side.