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WCHS tennis sweeps Stone
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Warren County’s tennis teams found themselves locked in matches against district opponent Stone Memorial on Monday afternoon. The Pioneers defeated Stone Memorial by a final score of 8-1 in total matches.
The Lady Pioneers also emerged victorious, winning 7-2.
In boys action, all three doubles matches were claimed by Warren County and the Pioneers only dropped one singles match, giving them a 5-1 win in singles matches.
Jake Hunt and Blake Basham did it again versus Stephen Tuny and Avery Conley. The Pioneer duo defeated the team from Stone Memorial by a final score of 8-2. Basham was explosive with his first serve that typically gives opponents fits and Monday was no different. After Warren County broke serve against Stone Memorial it was only a matter of time.
Daniel Campos and Matthew Austin defeated Lane Smith and Landon Hancock by a final score of 8-1. Campos and Austin had very little resistance in the 8-1 win. Shot selection from Warren County was great and the Stone Memorial was behind from the beginning and tried to play catchup throughout the match.
Kirkland Sauer and Shuhei Sugawara won by forfeit.
In Pioneers singles matches, Hunt defeated Tuny 8-3 in a match that looked close in the first couple of games but Hunt stayed consistent throughout the entire match and a played a very offensive game the last half of the match.
Basham defeated Smith 8-6 to give Warren County its second win in singles matches. Basham was down in the opening games but fought his way back to take the lead and he never gave it up. Basham’s service game took over as the match progressed and he settled in and his returns that missed in the first few games started to find their mark. Basham finally settled in and took the lead and edged his opponent.
Campos was defeated by Conley of Stone Memorial by a final score of 8-4. Campos kept it close until almost halfway through the match. Something happened after the halfway point and Campos got off his game and fell victim to his Stone Memorial opponent.
Austin defeated Hancock 8-1. Austin started the game off strong and he finished just as strong. Austin looked in control from beginning to end with a great first serve and returns that were spot on.
Jack Wood defeated Elisa Brady by a score of 8-0. Wood had a very good first serve and his opponent was not able to return very many of them. Wood cruised to an easy victory in the final Pioneer singles match.
Shuhei was the only Pioneer recipient of a forfeit.
The Lady Pioneers defeated Stone Memorial by a score of 7-2 in total matches. The lady’s doubles matches split at 1-1 with the tie break going to Warren County by way of forfeit. In singles matches, Warren County won by a score of 5-1.
 In the Lady Pioneers doubles matches Katie Phillips and Tamomi Yago won by a final score of 9-7 in an extra game.
Chelsea Stewart and Maeghan Bates were defeated by Ali Harris and Gracy Bilyeu by a final score of 8-6. Stone Memorial was playing the doubles match with Harris, their No. 1-ranked player teamed with Bilyeu, their No. 5 player and Harris alone was more than the Lady Pioneers could overcome. Harris covered the court well and carried her team to a win. The Lady Pioneers could not find the answers needed to keep Harris away from the ball and she almost single-handedly edged out Stewart and Bates 8-6.
The final doubles match was a win for Warren County by forfeit.
In singles matches, Harris from Stone Memorial defeated Lady Pioneer Lauren Hennessee by a score of 8-0. Hennessee did not get off to a good start and was never able to recover.
Phillips defeated Wrightman 8-0 in a completely opposite match than her teammate. Phillips was very particular in her shot selection and covered the court well enough to overcome her opponent while she picked up the easy win.
Kendal Smith defeated Bailey Brown by a final score of 8-3 in a very close matchup. Smith kept the tempo up against her opponent and Brown appeared to have run out of gas and Smith had the match in hand after the halfway point. Smith turned up the heat after she realized she held the advantage over Brown. Smith’s returns kept her out front and ahead for the remainder of the match.
Myra Gross defeated Julia Labarge 8-3. Gross kept her opponent on the move and finally broke her serve giving her the advantage just before the halfway point of the match.
Hailey Rowland defeated Bilyeu 8-1 in her singles match. Rowland served well enough to gain the advantage in the first few games. Bilyeu was able to pull one game out over Rowland, but by the end of the match Rowland had a commanding lead and easily defeated her Stone Memorial opponent.
Bates won her match by forfeit giving the win to Warren County.