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My Super suspicions
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People are saying this Super Bowl was the greatest. What a comeback by Brady, down 28-9 after three quarters, suddenly he got his mojo back. Super Brady saves the day … what a joke.
It had the makings of a bad wrestling movie. Beat up the good guy for the first part of the match, rub salt in his eyes, sneak another guy in from under the ropes when the ref isn’t looking, until finally … the good guy gets his act together and beats up all the bad guys.
It’s such a shame you can’t rely on the integrity of the NFL but like they say absolute power corrupts absolutely, so does the pursuit of greed and avarice as your ultimate goal.
I know a lot of people would rather watch college or high school sports for this very reason. They’re sick of all the superstar attitudes, the me above we, the corporate mentality of how much merchandise can be sold. Teams would be made up of local men, who played for pride of place, usually for little or no money in a stadium named something they could be proud of.
I’m not ancient, but I’ve been around for a while and have witnessed many of these changes for myself, nor am I the only one to notice.
Sports Illustrated writer Charles Pierce wrote it well last year when he said “Sometimes, the corruption in an institution is so deep and so thoroughgoing that it becomes the life force of the institution. It is more than the cost of doing business. It is itself the business that is being done.”
After Deflategate, Pierce pointed out a pattern of corruption in the NFL: Can the NFL escape the depths of its own corruption?
Pierce pointedly said the NFL has become a writhing ball of snakes.
I know the helmet communications systems seem to go out of order in regard to Patriots’ opponents and someone pulled the fire alarm at the hotel the Steelers were staying at 3 a.m. the day of their game against New England. Are all these little things adding up to one big one? Is it a case of misdirection concerning the amount and severity of injuries among former players?
Pierce seems to think so saying “put simply, the NFL has forfeited its credibility on just about any issue within an area code of morals and ethics.” Can you honestly, researching what we know today, not question the institution?
I know it’s not a popular thing, I mean everyone loves their football including myself. I grew up in Philadelphia during the ’70s, which I think was the best of times, but does everyone think that way? Thanksgiving, Christmas and many other times during the year football brings people together. It’s hard to put that under a microscope, maybe we suspend our disbelief just a little?
Before you point our Tom Brady just loves his mom and is humble and kind, or some other example, remember that all snakes are reptiles but all reptiles aren’t snakes.