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Turf being installed in WCHS fieldhouse
Bruce Duke photo: Sain Construction project superintendent John Sain and Pioneer head football coach Tom Moore take a closer look while crews install artificial turf Monday inside the new Warren County fieldhouse. All lines and numbers should be completed by the end of the week.

Warren County High School’s new fieldhouse is nearing completion and the green carpet is being rolled out to signify the important event.
According to Upland Design Group architect Derrick Clemow, the turf is being installed this week.
“It will have 30 yards of football lining which is being rolled out,” he said. “They’re rolling out the carpet. Essentially what you have to do is put the carpet down and then cut in all the stripping and it's 30 yards of stripping has to go in there for football and also, we have added soccer so they will be playing what’s called five-on-five soccer in there.”
The turf will also require additional work to make it spongy, because right now it is not.
“The carpet goes down and it’s like having a shag rug,” said Clemow. “It doesn’t have any body to it at all. They put these rubber pellets down and wash it into the carpet, essentially. Then, the carpet just stands up and all these fibers are showing. They are impregnated with rubber around them so when you walk on it, it feels very spongy. Hopefully, by the end of this week, that can be complete.”
While it feels like grass, it is not. Clemow says a burn could be incurred if a player skids.
“It’s relatively cushioned,” he said. “You couldn’t fall on your head and hurt yourself badly. I will tell you, if you wear loafers, you will end up with a little bit of those granules in them. You will want to stomp them out of your feet afterwards. All the professional football fields that you see that are covered are like this product. You can burn yourself on it, if you do a long skid. You’ll see people wearing elbow pads and that’s why.”
An update was given to members of the county Education Committee Monday night.