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Tim's Motors not slowed by Bob Young's Nursery
Bob Youngs Nurserys Jacob Norris, left, works around Tims Motors Dellan Watson on Saturday at Bobby Ray Elementary in the boys 12-14 division.
Tim’s Motors tuned up Bob Young’s Nursery on Saturday in boys 12-14 Jaycee basketball, 40-11, at Bobby Ray Elementary.A first-quarter shutout by Tim’s Motors, 7-0, left Bob Young’s nursery a deficit to dig out of early. Tim’s Motors’ Aaron Ashburn hit for 5 points in the first quarter and Asher Wallace added a field goal for the early lead.Bob Young’s Nursery offensive threats were Dylan Partain and Joey Burgess who scored 6 and 5 points, respectively.Tim’s Motors was able to distribute the basketball with seven players hitting hoops led by Wallace who scored early and often gaining a 14-point, game-high total.Also making points for Tim’s Motors were Aaron Ashburn with 7 points, Robbie Cole and Garret Ashburn with 5 points apiece, Dellan Watson 4, Taylor Smith 3 and Drew McDovell hit for 2 points.