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Tim's motors its way to victory
Jacoby Blake hits for Bryan Livestock on Thursday as the team faced Tims Motors during the tournament in Morrison.
Two consecutive 6-run innings by Tim’s Motors were enough to stave off a late-game rally by Bryan's Livestock on Thursday as both teams strived for the tournament win in Morrison.Bryan’s just ran out of time, adding to a 1-run, first-inning total with 9 runs in the second and third, climbing out of an early 12-1 deficit to lose by a 2-run margin, 12-10.Scoring early and often, Tim’s Motors came on like a powerhouse, as Rebecca Bain, Kaden Short, Josh Davis, Allison Fann, Preston Young and Hailey Fowler all rounded all four bases for the 6-1 score after 1 inning.Bryan’s Jalyn Jernigan kept the team from being skunked after 1.The Livestock gang rounded up 5 runs in the second inning after Jernigan, Autumn Russel, Caleb McCormick, Destinee Lance and Chandler McCormick scored, but Tim’s Motors kept the heat on in the second with scores by Bain, Short, Megan Davenport, Davis, Fann and a homerun by Young for a 12-6 score after 2 innings.Bryan’s kept its scoring rally going in the third with Jernigan – who scored 3 runs in the contest – Russel, Lance and Dakota Russel crossing the plate, but the final bell sounded before another inning could be playedThe victory finds Tim’s Motors scheduled to play Homeland Community Bank on Monday, at 8 p.m. and Bryan’s lining up with Topz on Tuesday at 6 p.m. in Morrison.