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Thrower earns NAIA championship
Former Pioneer football player Michael Thrower, holding trophy, won a NAIA national championship as a receiver’s coach with his college alma mater, Lindsey Wilson, this past week in Louisiana.

Former Pioneer football quarterback Michael Thrower (class of 2011) is presently the receivers coach and recruiting coordinator for the Lindsey Wilson College Blue Raiders football staff. 

Lindsey Wilson won its first NAIA National Championship on Monday, May 17 with a 45-13 victory over Northwestern Iowa in the Football Championship in Grambling, Louisiana. Lindsey Wilson finished the season with a perfect 11-0 record and national No. 1 ranking in the NAIA Football FirstDown Playbook Postseason Top-25 Poll.

Thrower was all-district his junior and senior years at WCHS, and he was named Offensive MVP his senior year. He went to Lindsey Wilson on a scholarship in the second year the college offered football. Thrower went a fifth year and helped coach that season at Lindsey Wilson. The next year he was a quarterback coach for Tom Moore at Warren County. Thrower went back into college coaching the following season at Marion University.

Three years ago, Lindsey Wilson offered Michael Thrower the opportunity to return to his alma mater and coach. He started as a running backs coach his first year, then moved to receivers coach in his second season. This year he was also named the recruiting coordinator for the team.

Thrower says he knew he wanted to be a college offensive coordinator when he was only 6 or 8 years old playing football video games. Thrower said, “I enjoyed strategizing and planning offenses for football teams. I grew up wanting to be the offensive coordinator at UT. Right now, I want to be the offensive coordinator for a high-level college team. I want to follow the path God has for me.”

Warren County Pioneer coach Matt Turner has expressed an interest in bringing Michael Thrower back home to coach. Thrower said, “Coach Turner coached me early in my career at the middle school. I knew he was the right man for the job when they hired him at the high school. He brings a lot of energy and swagger to the team. I saw them play this past fall at home against Cookeville. They were really good. But I am going to stay in college and continue to coach at this level.”

It was an unusual season for Lindsey Wilson. The school did not play football in the fall. Their games were moved to this spring, which Thrower said was different. He said, “Instead of going from hot to cold, we went from cold to hot. We also usually play 10 regular season games and four playoff games to the championship. This spring we played seven games and then four games to the championship.”

Michael Thrower will probably be seen around his hometown during his down time and recruiting trips. His recruiting territory is Louisville, Ky., and stretches from Livingston, Tenn., to McMinnville to the Chattanooga area. Maybe there will other Pioneers in the near future going to Lindsey Wilson to play football with Thrower. 

One new part of Thrower’s recruiting pitch will be to come and play for a team that just won a national championship. Not a bad experience for a young coach from Warren County.