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The one that got away
Smith's OT gamble goes bust
Scott Smith 2
Scott Smith congratulates his team after a touchdown in the fourth quarter. Smith and his Pioneers lost for the third striaght week Thursday, falling in overtime to the Red Raiders. - photo by Jeffery Simmons
A roll of the dice came up snake eyes for Scott Smith Thursday night at Nunley Stadium.The first-year Pioneer coach gambled in overtime his team could gain three yards on a two-point conversion to win the game, but junior quarterback Christian Wilkinson was stopped a yard short of the goal line in a 28-27 loss to Coffee County.Falling for the third game in a row leaves Warren County in search of answers after a 34-30 victory on opening night in DeKalb County gave optimism the 2014 season could be one to remember. The main question on the minds of Pioneer fans leaving Thursday night: Why go for two?“It was one of those decisions where you're either the hero or the zero,” said Smith. “It was the same play we had scored on earlier and I felt we were in a position of strength going to our strong side with a big kid.