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Southern Girls storm back to win
Namaste Medical Spas Lily Rains gets off to first, not leaving anything for Southern Girls catcher Kara Deboard on Monday night.

Namaste Medical Spa played a tough game against Southern Girls on Monday night at McMinnville Civic Center in the girls 10-12 league.
With the ballgame tied 3-3, the Southern Girls defense gave the Medical Spa a case of the 1-2-3’s, and ended the inning with at-bats by Namaste. Southern Girls came back with 5 runs in the fourth to lock the game 8-3 for the win.
Namaste Medical Spa had first at-bats and Lily Rains put a run on the board for the squad, which led 1-0.
The Southern Girls doubled their foes productivity with 2 runs in the bottom of the first as Kora Forbes and Keely Sweeton both scored to make it 2-1.
Neither team made any progress in the second inning, staying static until Namaste’s Maggy Whiles and Rains put 2 runs to the tally, making it a 3-2 ballgame.
In some more back-and-forth playing action, the Southern Girls Kara Deboard evened the score 3-3 in the third.
In spectacular Southern Girls smackdown style, Deboard, Ryleigh Rankin, Kyaira Sharpe, KiAnn King and Zoie Conner all scored runs for a statement finish.